Why You Shouldn’t Delay Restorative Dental Work

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Restorative Dental Work

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Restorative Dental Work

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Restorative Dental Work

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When you recognize all the stresses that we put our teeth through in just a single day, it’s incredible that they can last us our entire lives. The everyday actions of grinding and cutting through our food, managing both the hot and cold liquids, and helping us to form a critical component of our speech and vocabulary are just part of what the mouth does.


Our mouths also operate as the gateway to the rest of our body, so it is important to keep our oral health in the best condition possible. Researchers have found that people that have excellent oral health also tend to maintain better health in general than their counterparts. If you begin to have issues with your teeth, you may be tempted to delay in seeking help. This notion can be fueled by a variety of reasons but holding off on your oral health can have some serious consequences. If you need restorative dental work but have been waiting for the right time, we’ve compiled some reasons that suggest that right now is the best time for you to get help.


What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is any dental practice that is aimed at restoring the look or function of the teeth to their original state. Some common examples of restorative dentistry include


• Cavity Fillings

• Bridges

• Crowns

• Dental Implants

• Root Canals


Reasons People Delay Restorative Work

If you ask people why they aren’t going to the dentist, they may have a variety of reasons or excuses that they simply can’t go to the dentist.


• Previous negative experience

• Lack of time or too busy to make an appointment

• No pertinent reason to visit the dentist

• Fear

• Cost

• Lack of dental insurance


Dentists are well-versed in the reasons that people feel that they shouldn’t schedule an appointment, so if you have any of these issues, it is okay and even important to let our dentist know what your concerns are. Dentists have several avenues that they can use to alleviate your concerns. Additionally, many health insurance plans also have a part of the plan that covers routine dentist visits and may even help to offset some of the restorative work. It is important to call and discuss this with your insurance provider in advance to verify.


Reasons you Shouldn’t Delay

Our dental problems won’t just simply heal themselves overnight. An infected tooth will become more and more painful, and the infection can even spread if it isn’t treated. Many dental problems will continue to get worse until they are treated, very few issues will actually stay the same. For this reason, visiting our dentist as soon as you know there is a problem will usually result in the easiest solution.


Additionally, waiting to get restorative care is linked to a laundry list of negative outcomes.


• Excruciating dental pain

• Increasing tooth sensitivities

• Inability to eat or speak

• Bad breath

• Infection

• Abscesses around the tooth or in the jaw

• Swelling in the gums and mouth

• Periodontal disease

• Tooth loss

• Receding Gums

• Loss of jaw bone and jaw density reduction

• Dental infections in the bloodstream

• Altered facial appearance


Delaying dental care can often end up costing more than the initial procedure, and leads to longer recovery times with less positive outcomes. The longer that you wait to get an issue resolved ends up just meaning that you have needlessly endured pain for a longer time.



If you have been putting off receiving dental care, the time to act is now. Contact our dentist to schedule an appointment and discuss your concerns openly. Our dentist will help you feel comfortable and confident with your treatment options, contact us today at 212-772-6900.