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Wolf J, New York City

Dr Laureen Langer h a s treated me for over 10 years. Consistenty the best.

Robert J, Scarsdale

Dr Laureen Langer is a phenomenal professional who saved my smile. She created a plan to resolve serious perio issues that were complex and substantial. Her plan was accomplished with excellence, patience and kindness. I was never in significant discomfort and was always treated with respect. Highest recommendation.

Caryn H., Chapel Hill, NC

In 1989 I had a sinus lift and 5 implants placed on one side of my mouth, and an extraction plus implant placed on the other side, all done by Dr. Burt Langer and team during one 3 hour visit. After the procedure, I had no pain or discomfort at all. The crowns were done in Brussels, Belgium by a prosthodontist I found through a referral of Dr. Langer. Today - in 2021, everything is still perfect, no gum recession, no problems at all. 5 stars aren't enough!

Ronnie A, New York

I have had the best experience with a tooth implant. Dr. Laureen Langer is the Best dentist!!! she is understanding and sensitive. I always feel safe and comfortable in her office. As far as the implant I took no pain meds and everything went well. I really recommend her .

Judith, Lampron

Dr. Laureen Langer has the perfect protocol in place for both the safety of her staff and patients who are coming for an appointment. Upon arrival at the office, an assistant comes to the door to take your temperature and gives you a bag for your valuables. You are then escorted into an examination room and asked to use a medicated oral rinse. Every precaution is taken to assure absolute sterile conditions. This is the most professional protocol that I have seen and it made my visit safe and put me at ease. Again, following my appointment I know that Dr. Langer has implemented the best protocol for both her staff and her patient's safety.

Jessica, New York

I recently had a gum graft with Dr. Langer. I have had absolutely no pain, both during and after the procedure, and the recovery has been very easy and faster than I expected. Dr. Langer and her staff are highly skilled and explain everything in detail. I feel very lucky to have found this practice and would highly recommend!

Weiswasser, New York

Dr. Laureen and Burton Langer run the most professional, caring, and kindest Dental practice, The staff is equally as amazing !! They make an unpleasant experience very pleasant. I highly recommend !!

Rosanna B, Ossining

I have been Dr. B Langer's patient for over 20 years. I have a full mouth of implants. Minimal discomfort during the two year procedure. He is extremely caring and explains every step of the way. I get my teeth cleaned every four months with Marcy. She makes the experience a pleasure.

Frosty, New York

Dr. Langer is one person I never have heart palpitations with when I see her. I have been seeing her for over 25 + years and have had three implants over this time. I just had my 4th procedure and once again I am happy to say it went perfectly and it was painless!!! She is so careful not to create discomfort. Most importantly, she knows what she's doing and the end results have always been to my great satisfaction. She is the best !!!

Eva Okada, New York

I love Dr. Langer. She is absolutely the best. I had a failed implant from a previous dentist and she explained everything that needed to be done and worked closely with my regular dentist. She also saved me money after ascertaining that I did not need a bone graft. The procedure was painless. The staff is also great and followed up with me post-surgically. If you need implants I highly recommend Dr. Laureen Langer.

Marc B., New York

My patient relationship with Dr. Laureen Langer dates to 1996 when she first performed a gum graft. During the following 21 years, she has followed the progression of the graft, her team of hygienists have performed periodic cleanings, and she has in the past 5 years performed 2 tooth implants. Her work is world class and on the cutting-edge of research based dentistry, but more importantly, she is thoughtful, strategic, and proactive in her course of treatment recommendations. I trust her diagnosis and opinion, and that she is looking-out for my mouth's individual needs. She and her staff are personable, kind, and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Laureen Langer.

Jeanene, White Plains

Great experience!!! Friendly receptionists and wonderful assistants! Dr. Burton Langer is kind, unassuming, caring and an excellent dental surgeon. I had to have an extraction and multiple dental implants. It was a pain-free positive experience. People think that 5th Avenue comes with a price tag but that wasn't the case. Prices were comparable with Westchester dentists. Dr. Langer and his team are worth the ride. His experience precedes him and his demeanor makes you love him!

Kari, New York

Dr. Laureen Langer is very gentle and very good with pain management. She explains everything during the procedures in a reassuring way. Therefore, the fear factor is non existent and I had great confidence in her skill. Not a bad experience at all !! I highly recommend !!

Leslie, New York

I've had many different kinds of procedures with Dr. Langer, all without incident. She is very thorough and honest about what is going to take place and has always been very available to answer all my questions and concerns. I've been a patient a of Dr. Laureen Langer for 17 years and will continue to be her patient forever !!!. I hate going to the dentist but I love coming to Dr. Langer's office. Highly recommended !!!

Steven L, New York

Dr Laureen Langer extracted 6 upper front teeth to put implant posts in. Even with a lengthy procedure like this there were no problems or pain during or after the procedure but thats just the usual for her. She's remarkable. The office staff, hygienists all are terrific with everyone making every effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I'm your typical Baby Boomer who has no greater fear then dental work having grown up in the dark ages of that profession - when a root canal took a month and low speed belt driven drills were still used. I only overcame that fear when I began to see Dr Langer. I have had other work done throughout the years with Dr Langer and never had any issues, problems or post surgery pain. I agree with every other review here. Yes, she's that good

Barbara Mueller, Bridgehampton NY

I have had a lot of work on my teeth for years, Dr. Langer and her assistants and staff are by far the best I have experienced in her field of dentistry. It has given me the confidence to complete work I need done.

Jeremy S., NYC

I had significant gum recession. I needed to have it taken care of so I could get veneers; several cosmetic dentists told me I needed to get my gums fixed before I could get veneers. I went to the periodontist at my regular dentist's office, and he said the recession was too deep for him to do. He said it would be too difficult and recommended Drs. Langer because he knew who they were from a seminar he had attended years earlier. I made the appointment with Dr. Laureen Langer right away. She agreed with the first doctor I visited: the recession was significant. Unlike the first doctor, however, she was confident she could handle it. And handle it she did. We ended up doing a gum graft on both sides, which required two separate visits. I couldn't have been happier with the experience. I was comfortable throughout, I was never in pain during or after, and my gums came out beautifully. She then recommended a cosmetic dentist, who I went to and I've never been happier with my smile!

Andrew, New York

I've had 2 extractions and 2 implants and all has gone quite well. Dr Langer and her associates are all impressive. Highly Recommended !!!

Sandy, New York

People love to hate on dentists, but I love mine! Dr. Laureen Langer is professional, a straight shooter, very gentle and possess a wicked sense of humor. She is simply the best in the field. I have been a patient for some pretty serious work and Dr. Langer has risen to every challenge. Her staff are also tops.

Finerman, New York

Dr. Laureen Langer did my Pinhole procedure for my receding gums this past September. The outcome was unbelievable !!!!! My gums are no longer receding and I no longer have the terrible sensitivity I had to hot and cold. It also made a huge difference in my smile !!! Dr. Langer is a caring, thoughtful and smart Dentist. She is up to date and current on all the new gum procedures and surgeries. She takes her time and answers all your questions. Her Skill and technique are amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Langer !!!!!!

Codon, New York

Dr. Langer is both professional and amazing. I came in for an Implant and was very happy with how gentle Dr. Langer is. The Procedure went smoothly and her staff is amazing and very helpful. The office is very educated in sterility which made me feel comfortable and safe. I'd give Dr. Langer and her staff six stars if I could !!!

Kira H., New York

I have been a patient of Dr. Langer's for a few years. She has done a few procedures, including multiple implants and the results are excellent. She is a genius and makes the impossible possible. Highly recommend!

Lynne, Moskowitz

I've always been an anxious dental patient until I walked into Dr. Laureen Langer's office and experienced her kind of surgery. I needed to have an implant which sounded so overwhelming, I thought I could have a panic attack !! However, When I sat in her chair and had her operate on me with a lengthy procedure assisted by Daisy, It was the most calming experience !!!! They work in tandem and they both have a calm and reassuring demeanor. The rest of the office staff, including Michelle, Vina, And Marzi, and the rest of the staff have their same approach as they work with patients. You couldn't ask for a more professional and compassionate dental experience!!!